Xojo Plugin Stripe: Update a Coupon

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Updates the metadata of a coupon. Other coupon details (currency, duration, amount_off) are, by design, not editable.

Documentation: https://stripe.com/docs/api/curl#update_coupon

CURL Command

curl https://api.stripe.com/v1/coupons/25OFF \
   -d metadata[order_id]=6735 \
   -X POST

Xojo Plugin Example

Dim rest As New Chilkat.Rest
Dim success As Boolean

//  URL: https://api.stripe.com/v1/coupons/25OFF
Dim bTls As Boolean
bTls = True
Dim port As Int32
port = 443
Dim bAutoReconnect As Boolean
bAutoReconnect = True
success = rest.Connect("api.stripe.com",port,bTls,bAutoReconnect)
If (success <> True) Then
    System.DebugLog("ConnectFailReason: " + Str(rest.ConnectFailReason))
End If



Dim strResponseBody As String
strResponseBody = rest.FullRequestFormUrlEncoded("POST","/v1/coupons/25OFF")
If (rest.LastMethodSuccess <> True) Then
End If

Dim jsonResponse As New Chilkat.JsonObject

Dim id As String
Dim object As String
Dim amount_off As Boolean
Dim created As Int32
Dim currency As Boolean
Dim duration As String
Dim duration_in_months As Int32
Dim livemode As Boolean
Dim max_redemptions As Boolean
Dim metadataOrder_id As String
Dim percent_off As Int32
Dim redeem_by As Boolean
Dim times_redeemed As Int32
Dim valid As Boolean

id = jsonResponse.StringOf("id")
object = jsonResponse.StringOf("object")
amount_off = jsonResponse.IsNullOf("amount_off")
created = jsonResponse.IntOf("created")
currency = jsonResponse.IsNullOf("currency")
duration = jsonResponse.StringOf("duration")
duration_in_months = jsonResponse.IntOf("duration_in_months")
livemode = jsonResponse.BoolOf("livemode")
max_redemptions = jsonResponse.IsNullOf("max_redemptions")
metadataOrder_id = jsonResponse.StringOf("metadata.order_id")
percent_off = jsonResponse.IntOf("percent_off")
redeem_by = jsonResponse.IsNullOf("redeem_by")
times_redeemed = jsonResponse.IntOf("times_redeemed")
valid = jsonResponse.BoolOf("valid")

Sample JSON Response Body

  "id": "25OFF",
  "object": "coupon",
  "amount_off": null,
  "created": 1516662783,
  "currency": null,
  "duration": "repeating",
  "duration_in_months": 3,
  "livemode": false,
  "max_redemptions": null,
  "metadata": {
    "order_id": "6735"
  "percent_off": 25,
  "redeem_by": null,
  "times_redeemed": 0,
  "valid": true