VB.NET Google Drive: Update a Comment

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Updates (modifies) a particular comment on a file. This example updates the comment (id="AAAABg7tSGw") from the file having id = "0B5drHSd5ZHwgc3RhcnRlcl9maWxlX2Rhc2hlclYw".

Documentation: https://developers.google.com/drive/v3/reference/comments/update

Dim rest As New Chilkat.Rest
Dim success As Boolean

'   Provide a previously obtained OAuth2 access token.
Dim oauth2 As New Chilkat.OAuth2
oauth2.AccessToken = "OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN"

success = rest.Connect("www.googleapis.com",443,True,True)
If (success <> True) Then
    Exit Sub
End If


'  The following code creates the JSON request body.
'  The JSON created by this code is shown below.
Dim jsonReq As New Chilkat.JsonObject
jsonReq.UpdateString("content","This is the updated comment.")

Dim sbReq As New Chilkat.StringBuilder


Dim sbJson As New Chilkat.StringBuilder
success = rest.FullRequestSb("PATCH","/drive/v3/files/0B5drHSd5ZHwgc3RhcnRlcl9maWxlX2Rhc2hlclYw/comments/AAAABg7tSGw",sbReq,sbJson)
If (success <> True) Then
    Exit Sub
End If

If (rest.ResponseStatusCode <> 200) Then
    Debug.WriteLine("Received error response code: " & rest.ResponseStatusCode)
    Debug.WriteLine("Response body:")
    Exit Sub
End If

Dim json As New Chilkat.JsonObject

'  The following code parses the JSON response.
'  A sample JSON response is shown below the sample code.
Dim id As String
Dim authorKind As String
Dim authorDisplayName As String
Dim authorPhotoLink As String
Dim authorMe As Boolean
Dim content As String

id = json.StringOf("id")
authorKind = json.StringOf("author.kind")
authorDisplayName = json.StringOf("author.displayName")
authorPhotoLink = json.StringOf("author.photoLink")
authorMe = json.BoolOf("author.me")
content = json.StringOf("content")

Debug.WriteLine("Example Completed.")

Sample JSON Request Body

  "content": "This is the updated comment."

Sample JSON Response Body

  "id": "AAAABg7tSGw",
  "author": {
    "kind": "drive#user",
    "displayName": "Matt Fausey",
    "photoLink": "//ssl.gstatic.com/s2/profiles/images/silhouette96.png",
    "me": true
  "content": "This is the updated comment."