VB.NET Google Drive: Create a New Comment on a File

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Creates a new comment on a file. The file is specified by file ID. This example creates a comment on the file having id = "0B5drHSd5ZHwgc3RhcnRlcl9maWxlX2Rhc2hlclYw".

Documentation: https://developers.google.com/drive/v3/reference/comments/create

Dim rest As New Chilkat.Rest
Dim success As Boolean

'   Provide a previously obtained OAuth2 access token.
Dim oauth2 As New Chilkat.OAuth2
oauth2.AccessToken = "OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN"

success = rest.Connect("www.googleapis.com",443,True,True)
If (success <> True) Then
    Exit Sub
End If


'  The following code creates the JSON request body.
'  The JSON created by this code is shown below.
Dim jsonReq As New Chilkat.JsonObject
jsonReq.UpdateString("content","This is a test comment about this file...")

Dim sbReq As New Chilkat.StringBuilder


Dim sbJson As New Chilkat.StringBuilder
success = rest.FullRequestSb("POST","/drive/v3/files/0B5drHSd5ZHwgc3RhcnRlcl9maWxlX2Rhc2hlclYw/comments",sbReq,sbJson)
If (success <> True) Then
    Exit Sub
End If

If (rest.ResponseStatusCode <> 200) Then
    Debug.WriteLine("Received error response code: " & rest.ResponseStatusCode)
    Debug.WriteLine("Response body:")
    Exit Sub
End If

Dim json As New Chilkat.JsonObject

'  The following code parses the JSON response.
'  A sample JSON response is shown below the sample code.
Dim authorKind As String
Dim authorDisplayName As String
Dim authorPhotoLink As String
Dim authorMe As Boolean
Dim content As String

authorKind = json.StringOf("author.kind")
authorDisplayName = json.StringOf("author.displayName")
authorPhotoLink = json.StringOf("author.photoLink")
authorMe = json.BoolOf("author.me")
content = json.StringOf("content")

Debug.WriteLine("Example Completed.")

Sample JSON Request Body

  "content": "This is a test comment about this file..."

Sample JSON Response Body

  "author": {
    "kind": "drive#user",
    "displayName": "Matt Fausey",
    "photoLink": "//ssl.gstatic.com/s2/profiles/images/silhouette96.png",
    "me": true
  "content": "This is a test comment about this file..."