Swift Box: Get Folder Collaborations

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Returns all of the folder's collaborations. This API does not support paging -- it always returns all of the collaborations. Each collaboration object has details on which user or group has access to the file and with what role.

Documentation: https://developer.box.com/reference#view-a-folders-collaborations

CURL Command

curl https://api.box.com/2.0/folders/FOLDER_ID/collaborations \
-H "Authorization: Bearer BOX_ACCESS_TOKEN"

Swift Example

func chilkatTest() {
    let rest = CkoRest()
    var success: Bool

    //  URL: https://api.box.com/2.0/folders/FOLDER_ID/collaborations
    var bTls: Bool = true
    var port: Int = 443
    var bAutoReconnect: Bool = true
    success = rest.Connect("api.box.com", port: port, tls: bTls, autoReconnect: bAutoReconnect)
    if success != true {
        print("ConnectFailReason: \(rest.ConnectFailReason.intValue)")

    rest.AddHeader("Authorization", value: "Bearer BOX_ACCESS_TOKEN")

    let sbResponseBody = CkoStringBuilder()
    success = rest.FullRequestNoBodySb("GET", uriPath: "/2.0/folders/FOLDER_ID/collaborations", sb: sbResponseBody)
    if success != true {

    let jsonResponse = CkoJsonObject()

    var total_count: Int
    var i: Int
    var count_i: Int
    var type: String?
    var id: String?
    var created_byType: String?
    var created_byId: String?
    var created_byName: String?
    var created_byLogin: String?
    var created_at: String?
    var modified_at: String?
    var expires_at: Bool
    var status: String?
    var accessible_byType: String?
    var accessible_byId: String?
    var accessible_byName: String?
    var accessible_byLogin: String?
    var role: String?
    var acknowledged_at: String?
    var item: Bool

    total_count = jsonResponse.IntOf("total_count").intValue
    i = 0
    count_i = jsonResponse.SizeOfArray("entries").intValue
    while i < count_i {
        jsonResponse.I = i
        type = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].type")
        id = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].id")
        created_byType = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].created_by.type")
        created_byId = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].created_by.id")
        created_byName = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].created_by.name")
        created_byLogin = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].created_by.login")
        created_at = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].created_at")
        modified_at = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].modified_at")
        expires_at = jsonResponse.IsNullOf("entries[i].expires_at")
        status = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].status")
        accessible_byType = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].accessible_by.type")
        accessible_byId = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].accessible_by.id")
        accessible_byName = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].accessible_by.name")
        accessible_byLogin = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].accessible_by.login")
        role = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].role")
        acknowledged_at = jsonResponse.StringOf("entries[i].acknowledged_at")
        item = jsonResponse.IsNullOf("entries[i].item")
        i = i + 1


Sample JSON Response Body

  "total_count": 1,
  "entries": [
      "type": "collaboration",
      "id": "14176246",
      "created_by": {
        "type": "user",
        "id": "4276790",
        "name": "David Lee",
        "login": "david@box.com"
      "created_at": "2011-11-29T12:56:35-08:00",
      "modified_at": "2012-09-11T15:12:32-07:00",
      "expires_at": null,
      "status": "accepted",
      "accessible_by": {
        "type": "user",
        "id": "755492",
        "name": "Simon Tan",
        "login": "simon@box.net"
      "role": "editor",
      "acknowledged_at": "2011-11-29T12:59:40-08:00",
      "item": null